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'''Don't Let Go''' may refer to: * Don't Let Go (Ben Sidran album)|''Don't Let Go'' (Ben Sidran album), 1974 * Don't Let Go (Jerry Garcia Band album)|''Don't Let Go'' (Jerry Garcia Band album), 2001 * "Don't Let Go (Love)", a song by En Vogue * Don't Let Go (David Sneddon song)|"Don't Let Go" (David Sneddon song) * Don't Let Go (Jesse Stone song)|"Don't Let Go" (Jesse Stone song) * Don't Let Go (The Rasmus song)|"Don't Let Go" (The Rasmus song) * Don't Let Go (Wang Chung song)|"Don't Let Go" (Wang Chung song) * "Don't Let Go", a song by Isaac Hayes * "Don't Let Go", a song by Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan from the soundtrack for the film ''Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron#Animation and sound|Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'' * "Don't Let Go", a song by Deep Purple from ''Rapture of the Deep'' * "Don't Let Go", a song by Loverboy from ''Wildside (album)|Wildside'' * "Don't Let Go", a song by Weezer from...
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